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Usually a battery pack provides a more or less fixed DC voltage to the system. For most use-cases that voltage then needs to be converted into AC or transformed down to lower DC voltages. By making it possible to rearrange the cells within a battery pack multiple thousand times a seconds we are able to create an arbitraty AC and DC voltage directly out of a battery. This system design leads to a very low THD without any additional effort and the system can be modularly adapted to drive various motors and other AC or DC devices. 

As we are able to generate an arbitraty AC voltage out of our system, we can synchronize it with the power grid and use our solution as a home battery by enabling charging and discharing over the same smart eletronics as we were already able to drive a motor with. Without any changed to the system, it can be used across the world, independant of the local power grid standard.

A BMS constantly monitors the battery and protects it from unwanted conditions. A major challenge within larger battery packs is to balance out the various cells-capacities during charging, but there are always some drawbacks regarding heat-disspation, charging-time. Our solution overcomes those limitations and due to the ability to control the load on each cell individually, we can perform the jobs of a BMS more efficient and increase the lifetime of the whole battery-block.

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How it works

Instead of having a conventional big fixed wired battery-pack, we split all of those batteries up into many small pieces which can be combined in a modular way with each other. By adding a small, but powerful electronic circuit to each piece, we are able to perform the tasks of multiple system elements like charging, taking care of the battery management and driving a brushless motor.

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About us

Manuel Kuder
Manuel Kuder
Niclas Lehnert
Niclas Lehnert
Lukas Obkircher
Lukas Obkircher
Michael Hohenegger
Michael Hohenegger

We are a B2B start-up based in Munich (Bavaria, Germany), which started by the beginning of 2021 with us 4, 3 Engineers and a business economist. Based on our strong experience within the fields of power electronics and IoT we had the idea to make batteries smarter, more modular and increase their lifetime. The outcome of that idea is the EXIST founded Start-Up "BAVERTIS", which began its journey in the beginning of 2021 and since then we were able to show that our concept works and that it can easily be adapted to various use-cases


Our goal is to revolutionize the world of the battery by implementing all of the required components into a single electronic, which allows to significantly extending the usable capacity-range of a battery and mix old and new batteries within a battery pack. Therefore we want to reduce the constant need for fresh batteries in this world and let old and new work together.


The technology we use is called multi-level inverter. It has been around for multiple decades, but in the past the whole solution was to expensive and require a lot of calculations power to control it in real-time. Due to the recent demand on high power low voltage switches for the consumer electronics market, those switches became more powerful than ever and at the same time the performance of small integrated circuits grows exponentially.



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